Monday, December 14, 2009


This is my first post of my first blog ever. I created this blog to share recipes and cooking tips that I pick up. I am from Atlanta, Georgia but am currently in school in Washington, DC. I have been fascinated with cooking for as long as I can remember. I started asking for small appliances for every birthday and Christmas, beginning with a toaster (kind of a strange thing for a pre-teen to ask for I realize). Anyway, it has only been recently that I've really started cooking on my own and trying out recipes. 
Being in school, I am cooking on a tight budget in an even tighter kitchen. I don't mind it though-it's almost become a fun new challenge. The idea of this blog is to post recipes that are easy, cheap, and can be done with limited supplies and equipment. 
Now for the title. I liked it because its kind of a play on words, like pearls of wisdom but also referring back to the 1950s stereotype of women cooking in pearls and high heels. I cannot think of many things classier than an apron and pearls, can you?