Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Gluten and Dairy Free Afternoon Tea

My mom came all the way to London to visit me a couple of weeks ago! She was also kind enough to take me to Cannes and Barcelona for vacation but to be honest I think some of the most fun we had was right here in London. We even got to go to afternoon tea at a place named Bake-a-Boo with a pink building nonetheless.

If any of you are ever in London I highly suggest you go. I even suggest it if you aren't Gluten or Dairy Free because it is really good regardless. And adorably cute if I do say so myself. The main baker is gluten and dairy free herself so she understands how important it is to be able to find yummy food and she obviously knows about designated cooking surfaces and all of that.

In addition to wonderful baked goods, they have a wide assortment of delicious teas that they provide limitless throughout your entire visit.

Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance for a full tea but if you forget to make reservations or you simply don't have time for a full tea you can stop in and buy cupcakes or other baked goods from their shop window. They even sell a cookbook which of course my mom and I bought. It is not entirely gluten free but they do have a lot of allergen free recipes in addition to the "regular" recipes. I really wanted the cookbook for the scone recipe alone. They were the best scones I think I have ever had. They were most and buttery but still crumbly. I am sure I will try out the other recipes too at some point so watch out for all of those. Well, as soon as I get back to Georgia since my mom took the book with her when she left.

The Precious Building Itself

The Tasty Assortment

Rose Tea with a Dash of Soy Milk- Simply Perfection